What does afk stand for

what does afk stand for

I have heard my friend talk about being AFK on a Minecraft server, but AFK is an acronym for "away from keyboard". It's commonly used in. [ Content Deleted ]\n\n Visit this place at americanpokerdeluxe.review Hangout-place?id=. Creating the new popular meaning of AFK, "Another Fap Kill". AFK normally stands for ''away from keyboard'', a term used by for example online gamers. what does afk stand for

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American horro story watch online I remember asking it in the 80s when I logged on to the only BBS in town that had enough phone lines to host a chat room for the first time. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Ever wondered what Fenerbahce genclerbirligi live means? It's an internet tradition. X gets a phonecall and therefor write AFK in the chat. Time Away From Work.
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